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After a Higher Technical College (HTS) course in electrical engineering, Hans Meijer attended the conservatory to study classical guitar where he specialised in playing the romantic guitar; he also studied renaissance and baroque lute music; Spanish and Italian vihuela; and also theorbed baroque and renaissance guitar. While a HTS student he already built his first Flemish harpsichord, followed by copies of original guitars, lutes, vihuelas, harpsichords & clavichords; he also learnt to restore square pianos. This enabled him to acquire a large collection of historical
instruments which are now being used in performances of lesser-known or unknown pieces from the early history of these instruments, such as music for renaissance and baroque lute; for renaissance and baroque guitar; romantic guitar; vihuela, virginal and clavichord music; and early romantic piano music. From 1978 Hans Meijer was employed as recording-engineer-editor for Philips Classics. In order to make the most of his acquired knowledge of classical music, instruments and recording techniques, he founded the Foundation Musick's Monument in 1992.



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Meijer:Dulcken tijdlijn

Dulcken* family

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Den 17 April 1795 Compareerden Jan Dulken van Hasselt gereformeerd: oud 27 jaren, in de Lydsekruisstraat onder de bank van Lening. ouders dood. gead: met Dirk Steen, in de langelydsedwarsstraat. Margaretha Koers. Van Giethoorn. Gereformeerd oud 26 Jaren op de Kyzersgragt. Ouders dood. (Johan Lodewijk [Louis] Dulcken I & Catharina Koning) gead. met Jannetje Frederiks Smienk. Op de Brouwersgragt.
Jan Dulken is vanaf 1795 ieder geval in Amsterdam waar al zijn kinderen geboren zijn. Als zoon van een klavecimbelbouwer zal hij in de instrumentbouw gewerkt hebben. Bij het trouwen van zijn dochter Alida met Johan George Meijer, smid, geeft hij als beroep timmerman op. Overigens wordt Hans Meijer (van 1949) drie huwelijken erna geboren en gaat zonder deze kennis van zijn voorouders klavecimbels bouwen in 1973.

Het huwelijk zelf werd gesloten op 3 mei 1795 in in de Nieuwe Kerk AMSTERDAM


Nieuwe Kerk:Johannes Dulken : Margaretha Koers kopie

ALIDA DULKEN GEBOREN 27 december 1808 Gedoopt 11 januari 1809 NIEUWE KERK AMSTERDAM
Alida Dulken geboren 27 december pijl

Flemish family of harpsichord makers of German origin.

Joannes Daniel Dulcken (21 April 1706 – 11 April 1757) was born in Wingeshausen, the son of Georg Ludwig Dulcken (died Wingeshausen, before 1752). In 1736 Joannes Daniel was in Maastricht, where his eldest son Johannes Lodewijk was christened. In 1738 he and his wife Maria Susanna Kniffeling settled in Antwerp; they became members of the Reformed church on 30 March 1740 and in 1744 he became alderman of that community. He rented a house in Hopland in 1742 and bought three houses in the same street in 1747 (an advertisement in the Gazet van Antwerpen mentions in the same street a Joannes Daniel Dulcken, evidently the same person, as a bottle vendor; his wife continued this activity after his death). The Dulckens’ will. His will left all his harpsichord-making material to his son Joannes Dulcken; he died in Antwerp. He left a good reputation behind: Charles Burney claimed that, after the Ruckers family, 'the harpsichord-maker of the greatest eminence … was J. D. Dulcken'.

Johan Lodewijk [Louis] Dulcken I (1733 – 1793) was born in Maastricht and was the eldest son of Joannes Daniel Dulcken, from whom he learnt harpsichord building. He went on to establish himself in Amsterdam in 1755, and is later mentioned as an organ builder there. He was by 1783 a piano builder in Paris, frenchifying his name to Louis Dulcken. His surviving instruments are a harpsichord and a number of pianos.

Joannes Dulcken (10 September 1742 – 22 July 1775) was born in Antwerp; he was the son of Joannes Daniel Dulcken, upon whose death he moved with his mother, sister and brother-in-law to Brussels in 1764, where a workshop was set up. He too became a harpsichord maker; his surviving instruments are dated 1764 and 1769. He settled in Amsterdam in 1771 and died in The Hague.

Johan Lodewijk Dulcken II (1761 – 1836) was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the son of Johan Lodewijk (Louis) Dulcken (1733 – ca. 1793) and the grandson of famed harpsichord builder Joannes Dulcken (1706 – 1757, active in Antwerp and Brussels). Dulcken, who also took after his father’s Gallicized name of Louis, entered into the family’s workshop as a builder early on, settling by 1781 in Munich, Germany, where he remained until his death. Although both his father and grandfather were recognized as prominent harpsichord builders, Louis Dulcken II spent the majority of his career working on fortepianos, especially for the Bavarian Elector of the royal court. Dulcken’s Munich workshop was known to have been quite prosperous, gaining a reputation for producing high quality instruments.


Den 17 April 1795

Compareerden Jan Dulken van Hasselt gereformeerd: oud 27 jaren, in de Lydsekruisstraat onder de bank van Lening. ouders dood. gead: met Dirk Steen, in de langelydsedwarsstraat.
Margaretha Koers. Van Giethoorn. Gereformeerd oud 26 Jaren op de Kyzersgragt. Ouders dood. gead. met Jannetje Frederiks Smienk. Op de Brouwersgragt

In het doopboek van de gereformeerde kerk van Hasselt staat de doopakte van Jan Dulken van Hasselt. Hij is gedoopt op 26 december 1768. Zie: (scannummer 143).


Doop Johannes Dulcken

Alida Dulken dochter van Jan Dulken (zoon van Johannes Lodewijk- I) trouwt met Johan George Meijer
uitsnede alida 2
alida & george trouwen

Carel Hendrik Meijer overlijden

MN Meijer

Matthijs Nicolaas Meijer 1914 kopie

Johan Casper Hendrik Meijer:Heijnse

Johan Casper Hendrik Meijer:Heijnse

Johan Casper Henri Meijer 1833
Johan Casper Hendrik Meijer:Heijnse


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Paula Bär-Giese Hans Meijer