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John Dowland - The first book of songs or Ayres 1597:

Go crystal tears
Can she excuse my wrongs
If my complaints



Josquin - Opus chronographicum orbis universi a mundi exordio usque ad annum 1611, volume 1 (Antwerp, 1611) and the painting: Man with glass of wine - Musée du Louvre
Identity of sitter and artist?-painting Musée du Louvre - Josquin??
VIDEO about this subject - Josquin adieu mes amours


Kyrie IX & Kyrie primero de la Misa de beata virgine de Josquin
Josquin-Mille regrets
Josquin - Allégez moy
Josquin 1489- Pilgrim's path to Rome
Josquin at Orvieto Cathedral - Luca Signorelli & Beato Angelico

Johan van Oldenbarnevelt 400 project 1547-1619

Rembrandt 350 project- Butterfly
Saskia van Uylenburgh as the goddess Flora
Rembrandt & Saskia: Love and Marriage in Friesland 1634
Hendrickje Stoffels- Slaap Soete slaap

Lyraflügel um 1848 - Bayerisches Nationalmuseum München
Walther Wolfgang von Goethe
Johannes Brahms

The miraculous discovery of a statue of the Virgin and Child, when in 1444, a young woman Geertgen Arents from Nykercken came to the town of Amersfoort to enter the Agnieten-Convent.

Holy Kinship Treasury Basilica Saint Servatius Maastricht-The Netherlands

Amersfoortse orgels

Francesco da Milano project in progress